The Venetian Pool Miami

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As a traveler we are always looking for ideas of interesting places to visit. It was always a dream for us to visit The venetian pool in Miami , Fl. This was constructed in the city of Coral Gables around the 1920s. Originally sitting on top of a quarry arquictet and founder George derrick created an illusion of distinctive Venetian pool. This natural lagoon water flows from underneath the coral caves. A bridge, waterfall, palm trees and sand make this municipal pool one of the largest in the United States.

My wife and I decide to take the challenge to travel to Florida to visit this incredible pool. Anyone that seems picture knows who special and unreal feels. We decide to make a 48 hr   trip to Miami on the cheap. We bought affordable Airline tickets from united with restrictions built making the reservations under $100 each trip. Once we had the air ticket we secure a deal l in hopper for a nice hotel for around $140 dollar a night. Because of accumulating enough travel point thru my credit card. I was also able to afford a 2 day car rental at no cost. The initial one day trip to the Venetian pool was well organized.


Just in flights and hotel we probably spend about $130 for both on flights

About $140 on a hotel stay.

We also were able to afford a good meal from the chain restaurant call campo campero. This is a chain restaurant that focuses on fried and grilled chicken recipes at affordable prices.
Making the first day of the trip with total expense of around 300 dollars, not a bad deal hugh?

If you are adventurous like me




Dont forget to visit this marvelous place in the middle of the city of coral gables, FL. I want to write my honest review about the venetian Pool Miami review. To recap this Exotic place is locate within short distance of Miami airport and Miami beach, It can be a fun day trip for families. you can drive or take an uber. There is a parking lot locate across the pool and there is an entrance fee of 20 dollars. there is no food allow but I recommend to just stop at the close mall or another close by attraction and eat before you get there. it is gorgeous for picture taking and your picture can capture beautiful memories. Me and my wife visited this place as soon as we landed and spent most of the afternoon. it was a crazy 48hr trip to Miami on a budget and exactly planned
if you want to know the details or do a similar trip
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I am dropping over a PDF guide to find affordable travel to Florida on the cheap.

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Destin Florida Our Road Trip Vacation Day 3

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Our Destin Family Vacation Vlog #3 . In this trip we explore the 3 closest beaches to our hotel. One of the beach, Noriego point beach is a very secluded beach use by locals. this is not really a beach but a short spot close to the bridge that connects destin and the nearby town. the Noriego point is a good spot to do snorkeling with kids and enjoy watching the small boats passing by. the next beach we visited was the top sail beach. this is a beach more closer to the tourist spot and closest Hotel to the area. it was very crowded because i believe this was one of the best spot to hit at the beach, Be sure to plan for parking as the spots around these areas are hard to find and are always taken. staying at one of the hotel in this area may be your best bet . anyways again back to the beach subject. one of the details that caught my attention is that  the water nice and clear, the waves are calm. after our afternoon spent we headed to Walton beach on the next town . we had the luck to see dolphin swimming by from the fishing pier and a sea turtle. We then headed to a closer by Air space museum. the museum was very interesting as the planes were outside and walk able. inside the museum there was a lot of history around the www2 and the people who participate in the area. then after a nice afternoon of learning little be of our history we headed to a very nice restaurant call lulu . this is an interesting restaurant close to the bay and it has paddle boarding and different beach games for kids and adults. I found this restaurant very unique in its style. Destin has capture my heart in the sense that is not a overcrowded and the activities are all family related. small town inclined to give families their best vacation experience without the crowds. Definitely Destin Florida vacation is a vacation that anyone need to consider.

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Eastland Alpacas Farm in mount joy Pennsylvania

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On November 21 we had the chance to visit the Eastland Alpacas Farm in mount joy Pennsylvania. The Alpacas are members for the llamas family. these animals originated from south America, high in the Andes Mountains of Chile,Peru and Bolivia . there animals are very tied to each other. The Alpacas at the Eastland Alpacas Farm are gentle , easy to care for and are wonderful with children. you can visit this farm and interact with the Alpacas. there is a Farm store Boutique that process the alpaca fiber and create variety of items from luxurious sweater, socks , throws , Hats, scarves and gloves. This a great place to learn about these animals If you like this video please subscribe and visit.

Destin Florida Our Road Trip Vacation Day 2

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This is our Day 2 of our most recent trip to Destin Florida.


This is our second video in a series of Vlog to our first vaction to Destin Florida. I have to say that I have been amazed with the amount of beauty in the ocean. Most travelers talk about the great snorkel experience or the great dolphin watching adventure.
Destin Florida offer a little of everything for all families. Just being on our second day, we were mostly capture by the beach. the amount of white crystallized sands and the clear blues waters. Swimming in the ocean really felt like swimming in a huge salted swimming pool. I can emphasized that if you not an experience snorkeler , just a plain set of goggle and a few feet into the water and you can start see amazing little white fishers crawling int he ocean bed.
on our second day we spend most of the time in the ocean and really took advantage of the beautiful day. in this video I provide tips of my stay and the beach we visited.
I believe it was the best bang for the buck as we were just a block away from the beach surrounded by a mall and restaurants. of course great food and great scenery. Destin Florida has become my #1 spot and hopefully I will be able to visit many many times more.
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Destin Florida, our trip vacation

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Let me start by saying that since watching various YouTube videos I felt in love with the Esmeralda water. We visualize this trip but never thought a year later I was going to be driving to Destin, Florida.

This all possible because of the research and learning to do travel hacking. No totally free, but almost free and affordable for our trip vacation.. when you get a free week of hotel stay and a car rental you can almost no think about it..
So the date was set and we settle to leave on august 13th..

Destin FL side shot
Destin is a friendly destination for all family oriented vacation, this is fisher town and is quiet. that’s makes it a perfect spot to enjoy the white sanded beach and calm waters.
Visiting Destin FL, is no brainer for those who want to enjoy a great beach and still keep away from the crows. I really recommend this beach for anyone who enjoy family time and excitement of purely transparent blue waters.
This how it went..

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Road Trip to Boston in 24 hrs

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So what is there to do in Boston in a 24hr Span. this is the challenge we took on.

We decide to make a round trip from NYC to Boston, Massachusetts. We took the Megabus transportation which is conveniently located in the heart of both cities and offer the best connections to local rain system. The trip it self was not bad. The buses run on time and provide complementary Wi-Fi, took about 4hrs from the time we left around 5:30AM and arrive at 9:00AM.  On this trip wet tried to capture the most information in the shortest amount of time. We visited Parks, local favor food and sightseeing attractions.  If you ever try to make a short trip here are my recommendations:

I. Transportation:

Megabus would be the prefer method to travel into the city. it offers Wi-Fi, reclining seats and fares starts a promotional rate of $1 dollar. Once you are in Boston I would recommend using the local transportation app called Transit Tracker. This mobile  application is the most complete to get routes with in the city and surrounding both using the bus and the trains. not only will show you how to get there, but it will also make sure you get there on time.

II. Restaurants:

We took a quick bite at the local flavor for this we decide to stop a James hook and co.  James Hook is a lovely place in Boston to get a well-filled lobster roll, a bisque or a clam chowder. They keep things simple, its like a basic food trailer with pinic tables  close to the water. they pride themselves with on a perfectly delicious food that keeps you coming back again and again.

III. Sightseeing:

The Public Garden ; you know this was the first American garden founded by the settlers. it has perfectly crafted flower beds, it has various monuments along the way and a quiet lagoon. it was a very peaceful experience to explore

The little Italy of Boston:    one of the oldest neighborhood in America and a history American Italian neighborhood the reason to call it little italy because of the many great selection of  Italian cuisines and restaurant. very lay back atmosphere and a local hangout for the locals

The Harvard University : Compose of 660 buildings the harvard univesity is  one of the most prestigious center of higher education since 1636. Just exploring the whole university can be itself a whole day trip . its also very nice to know that 8 American presidents have attended this university.


Well there you have it folks, hope you enjoy my small report and my experience on this city. please view and share my YouTube video if you like