Sneak peak of what is coming soon !!! Check this out! And stay tune, ….Destin FL Family vacation 2017 vlog2 This is our second video in a series of Vlog to our first vaction to Destin Florida. I have to say that I have been amazed with the amount of beauty in the ocean. Most travelers talk about the great snorkel experience or the great dolphin watching adventure. Destin Florida offer a little of everything for all families. Just being on our second day, we were mostly capture by the beach. the amount of white crystallized sands and the clear blues waters. Swimming in the ocean really felt like swimming in a huge salted swimming pool. I can emphasized that if you not an experince snokers , just a plain set of google and a feet feet into the water and you can start see amazing little white fishers crawing int he ocean bed. on our second day we spend most of the time in the ocean and really took advantage of the beautiful day. in this video I provide tips of my stay and the beach we visited. I believe it was the best bang for the buck as we were just a block away from the beach surrounded by a mall and restaurants. of course great food and great scenery. Destin Florida has become my #1 spot and hopefully I will be able to visit many many times more. please like and share if you know someone that would love to see this video. until then safe travels.


Destin Florida, our trip vacation

Let me start by saying that since watching various YouTube videos I felt in love with the Esmeralda water. We visualize this trip but never thought a year later I was going to be driving to Destin, Florida. This all possible because of the research and learning to do travel

Road Trip to Boston in 24 hrs

So what is there to do in Boston in a 24hr Span. this is the challenge we took on. We decide to make a round trip from NYC to Boston, Massachusetts. We took the Megabus transportation which is conveniently located in the heart of both cities and offer the best

Sneak peak of what is coming soon !!! Check this out! And stay tune, ….Bus trip to Boston Massachusetts in 24hr This video is about our recent one day Boston on trip from NYC . We took the megabus services and explore the city streets of Boston. I encourage people to take time to travel even if only one day. Travel opens new opportunities and ideas about your surrounding culture If you like this video please share with someone who loves travel


How I Accumulate point to earn Free Travel

Learn the tricks and tweaks to earn a free Vacation   Today is going to be a quick summary on how I have been bless and my life has change since 7 months ago. In the last couple of years I haveĀ  been fortunate enough to stretch my dollars and

Sneak peak of what is coming soon !!! Check this out! And stay tune, ….How I Accumulate points to earn Free Travel In my first video The Creditcard that offers the most points I explain how which card I use to get my points. which was the Citicard premier program. this is how I Accumulate point to earn Free Travel. I wish I have found these tricks when I was younger so I could have benefited more. but today I will like to have it share with you all.


Lancaster City Pennsylvania

Do you want to really avoid crowds and experience a true Lancaster with the Amish feel, then head over to Lancaster between September and October.

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