Road Trip to Boston in 24 hrs

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So what is there to do in Boston in a 24hr Span. this is the challenge we took on.

We decide to make a round trip from NYC to Boston, Massachusetts. We took the Megabus transportation which is conveniently located in the heart of both cities and offer the best connections to local rain system. The trip it self was not bad. The buses run on time and provide complementary Wi-Fi, took about 4hrs from the time we left around 5:30AM and arrive at 9:00AM.  On this trip wet tried to capture the most information in the shortest amount of time. We visited Parks, local favor food and sightseeing attractions.  If you ever try to make a short trip here are my recommendations:

I. Transportation:

Megabus would be the prefer method to travel into the city. it offers Wi-Fi, reclining seats and fares starts a promotional rate of $1 dollar. Once you are in Boston I would recommend using the local transportation app called Transit Tracker. This mobile  application is the most complete to get routes with in the city and surrounding both using the bus and the trains. not only will show you how to get there, but it will also make sure you get there on time.

II. Restaurants:

We took a quick bite at the local flavor for this we decide to stop a James hook and co.  James Hook is a lovely place in Boston to get a well-filled lobster roll, a bisque or a clam chowder. They keep things simple, its like a basic food trailer with pinic tables  close to the water. they pride themselves with on a perfectly delicious food that keeps you coming back again and again.

III. Sightseeing:

The Public Garden ; you know this was the first American garden founded by the settlers. it has perfectly crafted flower beds, it has various monuments along the way and a quiet lagoon. it was a very peaceful experience to explore

The little Italy of Boston:    one of the oldest neighborhood in America and a history American Italian neighborhood the reason to call it little italy because of the many great selection of  Italian cuisines and restaurant. very lay back atmosphere and a local hangout for the locals

The Harvard University : Compose of 660 buildings the harvard univesity is  one of the most prestigious center of higher education since 1636. Just exploring the whole university can be itself a whole day trip . its also very nice to know that 8 American presidents have attended this university.


Well there you have it folks, hope you enjoy my small report and my experience on this city. please view and share my YouTube video if you like



How I Accumulate point to earn Free Travel

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Learn the tricks and tweaks to earn a free Vacation


Today is going to be a quick summary on how I have been bless and my life has change since 7 months ago. In the last couple of years I have  been fortunate enough to stretch my dollars and enjoy better vacation at a much cheaper rate just by changing my habits

and learning how to properly use credit cards travel points program to my advantage.

In my first video The Creditcard that offers the most points I explain how  which card I use to get my points. which was the Citicard premier program.  this is how I Accumulate point to earn Free Travel. I wish I have found these tricks when I was younger so I could have benefited more.

but today I will like to have it share with you all.

please check out the video , like and share if you find it useful




Lancaster City Pennsylvania

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Lancaster things to do in September

Do you want to really avoid crowds and experience a true Lancaster with the Amish feel, then head over to Lancaster between September and October. This is the best time because there are less crowds and the weather temperature are just right. Lancaster has plenty of B&B and so many 5 star restaurants.

You can also check out good your services if you are into a deep dive of the Amish food and culture..

The first informational website I totally recommend is Discover

This is the Official visitors website that cover plenty of variety of information.

One of the unique attractions is the farmers market like the Roots county Market and the Lancaster central market and most know the Green dragon market.

These market offer the most uniqueness and closeness to the Amish community.

Aside from the Farmers you also have the shopping outlet, in which is offer an alternative attractions to the eye of the tourist and plenty of stores to make you come back more and more.

Discover the wonderful city with its most diversified restaurants, from Italian cuisine to Thai, Ethiopia,Latin and duchess classics.. there is definitely something for everyone.

If you are in to theater, don’t forget the sight and sound theater, the marionette theatre and the Fulton theatre. Each has their own uniqueness and favors.

I have put a short video guide from our famous traveler magazine. In here you will see highlights of this great city..

Please check it out

Yogi Bear Campground in Pennsylvania

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Best Campground with amenities in Central Pennsylvania

The Yogi Bear Yellowstone Park CampResorts in Quarryville, PA is located in the heart of the Dutch country side in Lancaster Pennsylvania. This Park is a perfect spot for family campground adventures. It offers Tent sites, cabins , Rv sides surrounded plenty of entertainment activities including a water park that will keep you splashing all day.

One of the highlights of our trip to the Yogi Bear Campground was exceptional level of cleanest throughout the Park. The staff is very active and courteous. When we first arrive we immediately felt the friendly atmosphere that everyone talks about.

Amount all the amenities that this Park offers , I can say that the jumping pillow and the pedal racing cars are the Top attractions. These two amenities can keep the the kids busy all day. But nonetheless the other activities like the playground, mini golf, laser tag, Campground trails, the Lake, the movie site, and the wonderful water park.

Aside from the activities and the staff. The onsite store offers all the utensils and stocks to make your trip wonderful. As a first time camper, we were worried of not having or been prepare with everything needed. Walking to the store and the gift shop we found all the missing pieces that we forget to collect while packing. Even if you are coming from a long way from your location, be certain that this Campground has every thing you can think of, if you do needing anything else there is a Walmart with in a fair distance to drive.

One of the advantages of staying in this Campground was the close proximity to other activities to do what within the Lancaster surroundings. You can enjoy going shopping to the Tanger outlets, Dutch Wonderland, the Strasburg train museum and the wonderland of the Amish farms.. nothing is more satisfying than to enjoy your day activities and coming back to Thea clean cabin and enjoying a firewood burning and some marshmallows with the family.

Overall Yogi Bear Campground in Pennsylvania offers a very good experience. A very clean and family friendly with plenty of amenities and outstanding services..

We also have created a video of our experience that would love to share with all of you.. till then safe travels.


Do you know what’s coming in 2018?

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The 630ft-tall New York Wheel set in Staten Island will be the world’s second tallest Ferris wheel when it’s completed, surpassed by the planned 689ft-high Ain Dubai wheel, which is said to be more than halfway complete. Expected to be built by 2018, the New York Wheel promises to be one of the city’s greatest landmarks and offer some of the best vistas of the New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, and the New York skyline.

But in the meantime enjoy your experience traveling thru the famous landmarks of NYC.

24 hrs Tourist attractions in New York City

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If you could only have 24hrs to visit New York for the first time.

What would be the top most do places and attractions in New York City you would love to visit.

Well, tough decision to make correct?

This was our challenge as we drove 3 hours from Pennsylvania to show my first time visitor and sister in law.

New York City is the city of dreams , where anything and everything happens.

A melting pot of cultures that no one would love not to miss. As we drive down the turnpike our mission was critical.

The number one thing we had in mind was to give my sister in law the most wonderful lasting impression.

We were able to accomplish it by visiting

These 5 top five attractions but from a different point of view..

First we started in

1. Pier a Park in Hoboken-

Not only you get to City a great overall view of the entire midtown of New York City. But also appreciate all the skyrocketing building, a lineup of beauty in a great atmosphere. Not only you appreciate this beautiful city, but also how massive it is. A collection of artistic buildings in which only NYC can offer.

2. Liberty state park:

This was our second stop after Hoboken

The park it self is free parking and is a waterfront stage to get close and personal with the Statue of Liberty. A great park to see the Ellis island and learn about your surroundings. Right in front your can appreciate the most visited landmarks for example, the freedom tower, Statue of Liberty, Ellis island , governor island and the different watercraft passing thru the downtown waterfront. Liberty park city is simply a refreshing view to our eyes..

Extremely recommended and a must do.

3. The Lincoln tunnel:

Our next stop was to actually drive thru the Lincoln tunnel. This will enhance the experience and rediscover this great piece of landmark with its own history. Did you know that this tunnels had been open since 1937 and it consists of 3 tunnels servicing hundreds of thousands cars a day, making it one of the most transited tunnels in the United States.

4. Grand central train station

We could not miss one of the most visited station in NYC. A station that preserved a social , cultural,economic and technological evolution around it. This site tells so much about its history and architecture around it , you can literally spend days appreciates great this great piece of artwork.

5. Times Square

Last but not least. We needed to introduce and give my sister in law the most lasting impressions one could ever had from the new York scene. We were heading to time square.The city of lights and where the center of the world can be really experience here. In time square you see the melting pot, all the beauty people of all races getting together in one stop.The site is insanely pack on weekends, the street artists and local performers ensure your unique visit doesn’t just happens once. These individuals ensure your connection is so strong, That makes you comeback for more. From street vendors, performers, artists, tour guys.. you name it. Time square also have Plenty of stores that will keep you coming and coming There were my top 5 places to visit while you are on a time limitation..For more detail video please watch, Like and subscribe..

24hrs tourists attractions in NYC

Long distance road trip.. this is what you should know.

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When it comes to travel, most people prefer to fly, just because it’s the most effective, fastest way to get to a destination, but what about driving?
Well, on a long distance trip most drivers can only drive up to two hours before experiencing tiredness. I will give you my life hacks and what has work for me in order to extend my time and distance when it comes to a long distance trip.
This is what you should know.
1. Leave early: not only will save you time but headaches of traffic
2. Drive comfortable: put on your pajamas and drive, nothing is more comfy that to have your blood freely flowing thru your body veins..
3. Stay hydrate: drink plenty of water in small sip intervals to keep your body well hydrate and prevent fewer bathrooms stops along the roads.
4. Get a portable massage and ice bottles::
When the muscles as for help, relief the tensions by applying massages and ice cold water to the area..

For more details tips please watch the YouTube video below..

Have fun driving long distance trips and have a safe travel along the way