sanibel island florida – Vacation on sanibel island – florida 2020

Located along the Gulf of Mexico, Sanibel Island in Florida is the Perfect Vacation spot for sunset lovers. The island is located to the west of Fort Myers Florida about 40 minutes’ drive from the airport. Before you enter the Sanibel, there is a small bridge and beautiful scenery. in this video, I will walk you thru my 2 days stay at Sanibel island inn and the activities performed.
The Sanibel island inn offers plenty of amenities and accommodations.

this place is one of the top choices too looks at Sanibel island accommodations on the beach. The staff makes you feel at home. We visited the island during the pandemic and we were very please with the restrictions and rules to help us keep us safe.
The entire island is beautiful, especially the Sunset and its famous beaches.

These beaches are not that deep and you can go pretty far out or enjoy paddleboarding in its calms waters. if you have kids they will love collecting shell along the beach. I suggest to spend the morning at the beach, move over the afternoon to the pool when the crowds come over to the beach area. then around 4 pm when the sun is not so strong, head out, and venture the island. there are a lot of great trails and other public beaches to enjoy.
the best sunset is said to be shown at the bowman beach on the northwest side of the island.

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