The Venetian Pool Miami

As a traveler we are always looking for ideas of interesting places to visit. It was always a dream for us to visit The venetian pool in Miami , Fl. This was constructed in the city of Coral Gables around the 1920s. Originally sitting on top of a quarry arquictet and founder George derrick created an illusion of distinctive Venetian pool. This natural lagoon water flows from underneath the coral caves. A bridge, waterfall, palm trees and sand make this municipal pool one of the largest in the United States.

My wife and I decide to take the challenge to travel to Florida to visit this incredible pool. Anyone that seems picture knows who special and unreal feels. We decide to make a 48 hr   trip to Miami on the cheap. We bought affordable Airline tickets from united with restrictions built making the reservations under $100 each trip. Once we had the air ticket we secure a deal l in hopper for a nice hotel for around $140 dollar a night. Because of accumulating enough travel point thru my credit card. I was also able to afford a 2 day car rental at no cost. The initial one day trip to the Venetian pool was well organized.


Just in flights and hotel we probably spend about $130 for both on flights

About $140 on a hotel stay.

We also were able to afford a good meal from the chain restaurant call campo campero. This is a chain restaurant that focuses on fried and grilled chicken recipes at affordable prices.
Making the first day of the trip with total expense of around 300 dollars, not a bad deal hugh?

If you are adventurous like me




Dont forget to visit this marvelous place in the middle of the city of coral gables, FL. I want to write my honest review about the venetian Pool Miami review. To recap this Exotic place is locate within short distance of Miami airport and Miami beach, It can be a fun day trip for families. you can drive or take an uber. There is a parking lot locate across the pool and there is an entrance fee of 20 dollars. there is no food allow but I recommend to just stop at the close mall or another close by attraction and eat before you get there. it is gorgeous for picture taking and your picture can capture beautiful memories. Me and my wife visited this place as soon as we landed and spent most of the afternoon. it was a crazy 48hr trip to Miami on a budget and exactly planned
if you want to know the details or do a similar trip
take my ideas.


I am dropping over a PDF guide to find affordable travel to Florida on the cheap.

Thank you for this opportunity

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