Destin Florida Our Road Trip Vacation Day 3

Our Destin Family Vacation Vlog #3 . In this trip we explore the 3 closest beaches to our hotel. One of the beach, Noriego point beach is a very secluded beach use by locals. this is not really a beach but a short spot close to the bridge that connects destin and the nearby town. the Noriego point is a good spot to do snorkeling with kids and enjoy watching the small boats passing by. the next beach we visited was the top sail beach. this is a beach more closer to the tourist spot and closest Hotel to the area. it was very crowded because i believe this was one of the best spot to hit at the beach, Be sure to plan for parking as the spots around these areas are hard to find and are always taken. staying at one of the hotel in this area may be your best bet . anyways again back to the beach subject. one of the details that caught my attention is that  the water nice and clear, the waves are calm. after our afternoon spent we headed to Walton beach on the next town . we had the luck to see dolphin swimming by from the fishing pier and a sea turtle. We then headed to a closer by Air space museum. the museum was very interesting as the planes were outside and walk able. inside the museum there was a lot of history around the www2 and the people who participate in the area. then after a nice afternoon of learning little be of our history we headed to a very nice restaurant call lulu . this is an interesting restaurant close to the bay and it has paddle boarding and different beach games for kids and adults. I found this restaurant very unique in its style. Destin has capture my heart in the sense that is not a overcrowded and the activities are all family related. small town inclined to give families their best vacation experience without the crowds. Definitely Destin Florida vacation is a vacation that anyone need to consider.

Thank you for watching our Destin family vacation Vlog3
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