Road Trip to Boston in 24 hrs

So what is there to do in Boston in a 24hr Span. this is the challenge we took on.

We decide to make a round trip from NYC to Boston, Massachusetts. We took the Megabus transportation which is conveniently located in the heart of both cities and offer the best connections to local rain system. The trip it self was not bad. The buses run on time and provide complementary Wi-Fi, took about 4hrs from the time we left around 5:30AM and arrive at 9:00AM.  On this trip wet tried to capture the most information in the shortest amount of time. We visited Parks, local favor food and sightseeing attractions.  If you ever try to make a short trip here are my recommendations:

I. Transportation:

Megabus would be the prefer method to travel into the city. it offers Wi-Fi, reclining seats and fares starts a promotional rate of $1 dollar. Once you are in Boston I would recommend using the local transportation app called Transit Tracker. This mobile  application is the most complete to get routes with in the city and surrounding both using the bus and the trains. not only will show you how to get there, but it will also make sure you get there on time.

II. Restaurants:

We took a quick bite at the local flavor for this we decide to stop a James hook and co.  James Hook is a lovely place in Boston to get a well-filled lobster roll, a bisque or a clam chowder. They keep things simple, its like a basic food trailer with pinic tables  close to the water. they pride themselves with on a perfectly delicious food that keeps you coming back again and again.

III. Sightseeing:

The Public Garden ; you know this was the first American garden founded by the settlers. it has perfectly crafted flower beds, it has various monuments along the way and a quiet lagoon. it was a very peaceful experience to explore

The little Italy of Boston:    one of the oldest neighborhood in America and a history American Italian neighborhood the reason to call it little italy because of the many great selection of  Italian cuisines and restaurant. very lay back atmosphere and a local hangout for the locals

The Harvard University : Compose of 660 buildings the harvard univesity is  one of the most prestigious center of higher education since 1636. Just exploring the whole university can be itself a whole day trip . its also very nice to know that 8 American presidents have attended this university.


Well there you have it folks, hope you enjoy my small report and my experience on this city. please view and share my YouTube video if you like


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