Lancaster City Pennsylvania

Lancaster things to do in September

Do you want to really avoid crowds and experience a true Lancaster with the Amish feel, then head over to Lancaster between September and October. This is the best time because there are less crowds and the weather temperature are just right. Lancaster has plenty of B&B and so many 5 star restaurants.

You can also check out good your services if you are into a deep dive of the Amish food and culture..

The first informational website I totally recommend is Discover

This is the Official visitors website that cover plenty of variety of information.

One of the unique attractions is the farmers market like the Roots county Market and the Lancaster central market and most know the Green dragon market.

These market offer the most uniqueness and closeness to the Amish community.

Aside from the Farmers you also have the shopping outlet, in which is offer an alternative attractions to the eye of the tourist and plenty of stores to make you come back more and more.

Discover the wonderful city with its most diversified restaurants, from Italian cuisine to Thai, Ethiopia,Latin and duchess classics.. there is definitely something for everyone.

If you are in to theater, don’t forget the sight and sound theater, the marionette theatre and the Fulton theatre. Each has their own uniqueness and favors.

I have put a short video guide from our famous traveler magazine. In here you will see highlights of this great city..

Please check it out

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