24 hrs Tourist attractions in New York City

If you could only have 24hrs to visit New York for the first time.

What would be the top most do places and attractions in New York City you would love to visit.

Well, tough decision to make correct?

This was our challenge as we drove 3 hours from Pennsylvania to show my first time visitor and sister in law.

New York City is the city of dreams , where anything and everything happens.

A melting pot of cultures that no one would love not to miss. As we drive down the turnpike our mission was critical.

The number one thing we had in mind was to give my sister in law the most wonderful lasting impression.

We were able to accomplish it by visiting

These 5 top five attractions but from a different point of view..

First we started in

1. Pier a Park in Hoboken-

Not only you get to City a great overall view of the entire midtown of New York City. But also appreciate all the skyrocketing building, a lineup of beauty in a great atmosphere. Not only you appreciate this beautiful city, but also how massive it is. A collection of artistic buildings in which only NYC can offer.

2. Liberty state park:

This was our second stop after Hoboken

The park it self is free parking and is a waterfront stage to get close and personal with the Statue of Liberty. A great park to see the Ellis island and learn about your surroundings. Right in front your can appreciate the most visited landmarks for example, the freedom tower, Statue of Liberty, Ellis island , governor island and the different watercraft passing thru the downtown waterfront. Liberty park city is simply a refreshing view to our eyes..

Extremely recommended and a must do.

3. The Lincoln tunnel:

Our next stop was to actually drive thru the Lincoln tunnel. This will enhance the experience and rediscover this great piece of landmark with its own history. Did you know that this tunnels had been open since 1937 and it consists of 3 tunnels servicing hundreds of thousands cars a day, making it one of the most transited tunnels in the United States.

4. Grand central train station

We could not miss one of the most visited station in NYC. A station that preserved a social , cultural,economic and technological evolution around it. This site tells so much about its history and architecture around it , you can literally spend days appreciates great this great piece of artwork.

5. Times Square

Last but not least. We needed to introduce and give my sister in law the most lasting impressions one could ever had from the new York scene. We were heading to time square.The city of lights and where the center of the world can be really experience here. In time square you see the melting pot, all the beauty people of all races getting together in one stop.The site is insanely pack on weekends, the street artists and local performers ensure your unique visit doesn’t just happens once. These individuals ensure your connection is so strong, That makes you comeback for more. From street vendors, performers, artists, tour guys.. you name it. Time square also have Plenty of stores that will keep you coming and coming There were my top 5 places to visit while you are on a time limitation..For more detail video please watch, Like and subscribe..

24hrs tourists attractions in NYC

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