Long distance road trip.. this is what you should know.

When it comes to travel, most people prefer to fly, just because it’s the most effective, fastest way to get to a destination, but what about driving?
Well, on a long distance trip most drivers can only drive up to two hours before experiencing tiredness. I will give you my life hacks and what has work for me in order to extend my time and distance when it comes to a long distance trip.
This is what you should know.
1. Leave early: not only will save you time but headaches of traffic
2. Drive comfortable: put on your pajamas and drive, nothing is more comfy that to have your blood freely flowing thru your body veins..
3. Stay hydrate: drink plenty of water in small sip intervals to keep your body well hydrate and prevent fewer bathrooms stops along the roads.
4. Get a portable massage and ice bottles::
When the muscles as for help, relief the tensions by applying massages and ice cold water to the area..

For more details tips please watch the YouTube video below..

Have fun driving long distance trips and have a safe travel along the way


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