Lapp valley farm Icecream

The best natural homemade Icream you will ever ever have..

Yes , that Right… you can find the most delicious treat in a off beaten path in the east of the Lancaster county. Surrounded by farm land , buggy rides and a culture of welcoming friendly Amish families.

The Lapp valley farm is a family run business in which the milk their cows to share their products with the rest of us. In this farm you will find not only the best Icecream but also great variety of other products like butter, eggs, cheese, milk  and of course Icecream. The Lapp valley farm is the place to enjoy a sun set by the porch while sitting and watching all their farm pets freely interacting with their visitors. Your will see dogs, cats , birds , cows and others surprises.. while the Lapp valley farm is not just a quick Icecream stop but a immersion into the Amish lifestyle.. next time you visit Lancaster county and the kitchen kettle. Make sure you stop at the Lapp valley farm.. enjoy safe travels.

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