Baltimore Maryland

Today we we were fortunate to make a quick day trip to Baltimore Maryland. Doing a short visit to the Baltimore inner harbor as a day trip is very convenient if you find yourself traveling thru the area to another state or just passing by to enjoy the inner harbor.
The inner harbor has tons of activities for the whole family. Take a trip and visit the top of the world in the inner harbor which offers the best views on a 360 angle and some interesting history.
You will be amaze how beautiful can this inner harbor be on a sunny afternoon day. Great reason to visit which the family. You can drive or take the train. Find parking should not be a difficult task. There are plenty of public parking that will put you at ease when it comes about fining an open space..

once you are on the sidewalks of Baltimore, you will  get familiarized yourself with all the familiar scene and attractions, some which include the Tall Top of the world building.

the famous  Baltimore aquarium, and other piece of history.

Baltimore should be as a pocket list for things to do for a day trip.

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