Dominican Republic what you should know

Hello my travelers.

Today I want to bring to your attention what I have known and experience about the Dominican republic so call hispanola. I was fortunate by birth to meet and live in this beautiful country for nice 9 years. I was then migrate at a very young age to the united state of America. Growing up in a big city like NYC and having most of my extended family also living in the same state, make me lost interest and exile of the culture of Hispaniola. It was not until later years of my life, late college years that I met a great friend who was raised in the Dominican republic and his father was a tour guide for visitors. My friend extended the opportunity to come back and visit the island that I was born. It was an opportunity of a life time. I considered myself not just lucky but fortunate to visit every inch of this country from edge to edge in just 12 days. I was face to face with this country beautiful beaches, Mountains, rivers, lakes, roads, cities and people. For 12 days I experienced what not other tourist has experience, what no other Dominican citizen has explorer.

I can certainly assure you that this country beauty is only a 10 percent of what is advertise today in the media.  The Dominican republic that you should know is a place where people smile and enjoy life as it was mean to be.  It is in the mountains in the off beaten path that you meet the real people , the ones that carry water from top of the mountain, the ones that collect the eggs for a morning breakfast, the ones that you pass along the road and offer fruits for sale. This is the core of this great island and the everything and everything is paradise. So if you ever find yourself wanting to visit this great island , I encourage you to skip the resorts, the airbnb and reach out to your local Dominican fellow that probably travels once a year back to their families in this small paradise. Ask them to take you there and show you the beauty of the lagoon DUDU in cabrera, spend a weekend at nature at the Dominican treehouse village next to playa fronton in samana.

After all the snorkeling and the quietness , a little of adventure and touch of culture is necessary to really connect to the people and its history. I would definitely  recommend a quick day-trip to the two most history cities; Santo Domingo’s Colonial City and experience the restaurant as well as the nightlife . waking up in this beautiful city is magical head over to samana and Santiago. after this trip you will agree with me and admit that the Dominican republic is a hidden Paradise.


If you are never visited this country and you are planning a trip. I will encourage you to watch the you tube video below and you will know more history than most locals. it will give you a edge advantage to connect and socialize connect to this country like no other tourist will.

Big credit to Youtuber Educate Traveler, that has put a informative video on all you should know before your travel.. from passport, medical insurance ect…

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History of the Dominican republic what you should know:

For more astonishing videos, I will put a collection of the best off beaten path locations that have not been explode by tourist as of yet.

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Till Then Save travels.

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