Great websites to plan your road trip vacation in the USA

Great friend equal great families,  This all goes hand to hand for everything.

Same goes when planning a  road trip. you need to create , organize and follow the plans.

If you are not following these core values I encourage you to take note and keep these website handy:

  1.  Visit the USA:  this site is pack with information from state to state. not only will give you travel plans ideas but also experience of other travels who have been in these places.
  2. Travel and Leisure: It has content for everyone, from budget travel all away to luxury travel ideas. this is a website that covers all.
  3.   Roadtrip Traveller:  This is my last recommendation but yet the most important. The ultimate road trip planner to help you discover extraordinary places, book hotels, and share itineraries all from the map.
  4.  Google my Maps: The ultimate road trip planner to help you discover extraordinary places,
  5. Furkot | Free Road Trip Planner: Schedule stops, find attractions, book hotels, share travel itineraries, map routes. Plan your motorcycle ride, RV tour, car drive, bike track, backpacking hike,
  6.  AtlasObscura: Definitive guidebook and friendly tour-guide to the world’s most wondrous places

So there you go. your next trip should be pack with full of trill ideas, fun doing and educational experiences that will level up your travel hunger..

Be sure to stay tune for more tips ..


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