Let’s go to Hershey park this weekend 

Hershey park is considered the sweetest theme park in Pennsylvania. Second place next to Disney parks.. they do offer a magic experience that keeps you coming cover and over.. over the years me and my family has enjoy this Park. I also have seen how the prices go up in admission. This year’s admission is 64.75 for an adult and 41.95 for a kid..

These prices can really make it difficult for a family of 4 to enjoy or desire a few visit to the park..

Fear not, A new hero has arise to save the budget and give low income family a breather.. we can definitely say now “Lets go to Hersey Park this weekend ”

The prices are reduce almost 50% when you become a member of Pennsylvania farm bureau. The price reduces from $65.30 to 35.50.  That almost $110 saving for a family of 4..

If you are making plans to visit this Park this year, we’ll make a second visit and you will definitely save even more.. support our state , support our parks and keep our family entertained in a safe environment.
For more Information grab the link below

Till next time safe travels..

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