Train, car or Plane which is the best transportation for travel

Train, Car or Plane which would you choose when it comes to travel.

Train_car_or Plane_which_is_the_best_transportation-1

Personality speaking I think it all comes down to personality and time. the best wait to explain this is by analyzing the type of traveler you are.

By far plane is the faster, Car is the cheapest option and train is the least stressful.

Traveling via  plane:

if your destination is your main focus of your travel then  your goals is to get there as far as possible. These type of traveler just want to get there with a minimum amount of interruptions. usually for this individuals money is not an issue.  the types of travelers that usually benefit from air travelers are the budget travelers, business travelers  that can rack up mileage point in a short amount of time and take benefits of the frequent -flier miles.

Traveling via Car:

traveling by car gives you the most freedom. you can choose the schedule to depart and arrive. you are more flexible with your time. Another point is that these type of travelers the transportation is usually a key point in their travel itinerary. is a lot more cost effective to plan a destination driving than flying because the cost involve on traveling via plane may be a sky roof compare of that a driving. Imaging taking your best snorkeling equipment without the worry of checked bags and the restrictions of traveling. when you drive you decide what fits in your luggage and trunk.  budget oriented individuals love the freedom choosing their on schedule of traveling.

Train_car_or Plane_which_is_the_best_transportation-1

By train:

Train is not for the goal-oriented traveler or for the control-freak traveler. vthis is more for the laid back traveler . traveling by train is part of the journey and half of the fun, the train offers the opportunity to interact with other individual and build relationships.  one thing I like about train travel is having the long stretches and the fell of getting away from all.  another great benefit  of riding the train in long distance travel is that  you can drink/ eat and read a book as your please.

before considering writing by train, car or plane, explorer the type of travel you are and what makes you happy. always follow your  instinct.

This then my friends.

Safe travels.

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