How to save thousands of dollars on Airfare

When it comes to traveling, consider a family of four or a few bachelors friends for vacation. Airfare can considerable take a huge chuck of your bill. fortunately the are ways to save thousand of dollars on airfare just by following a few tips.

In the section below I will explain how is done.

The biggest challenge of flying is schedule, this is the biggest secret of saving.

if you really want to save thousand of dollar on airfare, Rule number one you have to be FLEXIBLE. Yes being owner of your own time can put you at a great advantage. Flexibility is the key. Wait  to past for the holiday season or busy season to travel to a destination, be aware of the major holiday schedule and how those affect your prices.

The Second biggest secret to expose to help you save thousand of dollars on airfare is LOCATION.  by Location I mean airport location, choose a smaller airport than the most traditional or international hub. you will be amaze at the prices and savings you can afford. consider driving a little or taking transportation to a not so  close airport to get the most bang for your buck.

The third most overlook secret is avoiding the ROUND-TRIP Purchase. as simple and convenient as it seem. buy a round trip which often makes sense can cause you a few hundred dollars more. considering buying a one way tic


ket to your destination  and even if not return destination you can buy later use Skiplaggin which is the art of  not stopping at the final flight destination. For example, if you want to fly go to Atlanta, and find a cheaper flight that connects in Atlanta to Charlotte, why

not book that flight and just not board the last leg? Doing this, checking baggage is not an option. And, this technique definitely violates your contract with the carrier, so read the fine print about the consequences. The savings can be significant, thought, and there’s even a search engine that will find these flights for you:

Last but not least, use Social Media to your advantage to find the best flight deals.

various online tools are highlighted below:

Google Flights–  it use to be ITA matrix which google purchased and know is once of faster reliable source– This tool allow you to search multi-cities and geographical regions wit a  very intuitive interface

Momondo -This can easily be consider one of the best, One of the websites that doesn’t just use an existing engine, but “scrapes” airlines websites to get fares that aren’t submitted to the database.

Rome2Rio Don’t want to just fly? Want to compare different transportation options? Enter your origin and destination and Rome2Rio will suggest routes and prices in flights and alternative transportation. They currently include flights, trains, metro, buses, and driving (even including ride sharing). This site even includes commute time to and from airports and train stations. We usually use Rome2Rio to compare alternative options to flying for short distances. Is it worth showing up 2 hours ahead of time at the airport for a 2 hour flight? Maybe not…

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thanks until then…safe travels





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