Best weekend Public pool ideas for you to consider in Central Pennsylvania

Hello World, If you are visiting or passing thru even live near the state of Pennsylvania.

I have the best weekend Public pool ideas in Lancaster central Pennsylvania  Ideas to keep you entertain and an affordable price and budget.

  1. Lititz Springs Park:  This is a great overall park that have a caboose, grills, walking trails, a welcome center, restrooms, and a playground. when it comes to a public park with entertainment you can go wrong with littiz Spring park. aside from a great summer pool. what make this park special is the activities on special occasion. The 4th of July Fireworks , The fire and Ice festival and the friendly Halloween Parade.  This is a park that has all year-round entertainment for the whole family.


  2. Hampden Township Pool:  This pool is locate in Mechanicsburg, PA. it requires a resident membership and then passes are issue to guest. This pool has a waterslide and a very clean facility and plenty of bathrooms.


  3. Nickel Mines Pool    this pool may not be the biggest, but its actually one of the cleanest and its worth mention because their water is actually fed from the springs close by.  its situate in the beauty county farmland of Lancaster city. they have daily pass as well as memberships.

  4. Lancaster Public Pools  often offer more than just standard pools, there are recreations around to make you feel a great experience . I encourage visitors to make a visitors to one of the various pools we have around the city.

Thank you for review in this post. for more ideas and adventures please follow the official Pennsylvania site of tourist.

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