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Ocean City Maryland beach things to do, where to Stay and Eat

OCean City Maryland vacation place where few call home is a little piece of paradise. I will recommend it to every seafood lover and any parents that wants to make their children happy. Its also a great place for teenagers to be wild and crazy but in a safety manner.

One of the best beaches in the North  East atlantic coast is  on Ocean City Maryland.
Summer times for many eastern travelers means packing your bags and heading on vacation, I have witness car plates all the way from canada visiting this stretch of sand.
There is something special about Ocean City Boardwalk and its beaches. Ocean city maryland was one of the first beaches of the north east that I really felt in love.
One of the reason was that light brown sand which gave the contrast color against the greenish waves pf the ocean. The second reason was the perfect small waves that delighted so many families. The third reason was that been such a beach lover it was good to know that you can still walk at the beach at night and hear the noise and entertainment of the #oceancityboardwalk this is a place that keeps families coming back year after year


The Arrival:

The best Affordable option to  get to this destination is by driving. The two closets airport are the Baltimore ( BWI)  and the Washington  Reagan airport. These options still require a car rental

No having too many traveloption make this destination ideal for roadtrippers Lovers.


It took about 3 hour drive from penssylvania. a very pleasant drive with minimun traffic  TRAVEL HACK:  Avoid traveling saturday morning as its the time rental change in itinerary and is very busy during the early mornings.

Out Hotel was the Princess Bayside Beach Hotel. Princessbay hotel in ocean city offer exceptional amenities in #oceancitymaryland . A hotel that has its own bay, two pools double deck parking and onsite restaurant and bar, the beach right a cross the street and one of the famous bar-restaurant club in the area. If that is not enough there is a theme park and a waterpark within walking distance.



A good thing if you are spending a hot day at the beach and found yourself surrounded by a crowd.
Head back to this nicely secluded beach on the bay and enjoy some rental paddle boards and kayaks.

Travel Hack: Arrive early to the hotel and ask the receptionist for a parking pass holder. you will be able to enjoy the parking space and all the hotel amenities while you wait for your room to become available.


Choose this hotel and bring a group of friends. Literally have a blast if fun.. look a the top building on the left side. There is the the roof top bar and pool, beautiful bayside views, spend the morning at kayaking, have lunch at the onside restaurant then head up to the roof top pool and have a sunburn along with a beer. Come down around 6pm and a shower and have some wine watching the sunset from your private balcony. Now grab your best beach outfit and head to seacrets the club next door. Don’t even need a car, walk, have some more beer and party your life off.. around 2 am just ask your drunk friend or girlfriend where is the hotel? They will say.. is right on front next to us.. lol laugh a little more, walk a little more, now you got to your room. Take off your clothes and rest you butt..

The Beach:

Ocean city maryland.
A beach that is 1000 miles long that offers plenty to do and is a gen for the north east coast. It has a #beachboardwalk of 5 miles and a pier with an #amusementpark . a destination that has a little if everything for everyone..


Where can you find a clean sand combine with open blue sky and a beautiful beach in the northeast. 🧐 thats going to be guess? well not hard enough if you live close to maryland. People say this is one of the most clear beaches compare to the jersey shore or Virginia beach.

This  is probably one of if not the best in the east coast. Here is my reasoning to this.
Reason #1 not overly crowded reason #2 super duper clean reason #3 water doesn’t have high ratio of salt like miami. Reason #4
It does have any rocks like gaveston. Reason #5 you can do any sport and still is family oriented beach. There is lots if partying at night but still a family oriented area during the day. Do me a favor put this in your bucket list.

After a good day at the beach. Stay calm and enjoy a beautiful sunset @princessbayside hotel in maryland, not only is beautiful but is also calm and romantic.


Gourgegous #sunset🌅 views after a day kayaking in the bay. Grab your wine and get a relaxing view of the last hour of daylight. The best day to enjoy a full day kayaking on the bay is to end it peacefully .
Grab a 🍷🥂 cocktail and enjoy a chill out at the beach. 🥂🥂🥂🍾

Safe and clean beach #ocmd offer children friendly activities and occasional fireworks in the summer if you are a seafood lover , you will love coming here.


Oh and don’t forget the boardwalk..


Things to Do:

Welcome to the #ocboardwalk where the where the Famous fairly wheel lights up the night and the amusement park makes kids happy , the boardwalk artist entertains you all night and is a paradise of junk food. Ocean city boardwalk has everything you can think of.


Jesus on sand.. Probably one of the highlights of the boardwalk. For decades artist have been maintaining this piece of art made of sand.. a masterpiece that most be recognized. Thank you to all the people involved in this masterpiece


The Somerset Plaza. One of the many entrances to the OC Boardwalk. As soon as you enter you can experience the excitement and noise of the crowd walking along the board. A boardwalk fill of shops , restaurants and all sort of things. Great place for people watching , eating a snack or just talking a break at the benches after a long day at the beach.

As you get closet to the #jollyranger theme park you start to notice lots of street performers along the boardwalk. Its a free performance that as espectador we need to appreciate the talent and time these individuals take to bring joy to the boardwalk. This are the little things that makes oc city so special.

When visiting ocean city Maryland there are few must do for every visitor, you must go tot the #beach , build some memories and #sandcastle , have fun doing Waters ports, head over to the #pier and catch some fish, take the kids to the boardwalk and ride some awesome #rollercoaster . But what ever you do, do not leave without having a taste of one of the famous long running best ice cream taste at @dumsersdairyland. This has been a family tradition when visiting this area. Nothing better than having icecream to give you a reason to smile.

Our last day in ocean city Maryland, overall we had a great time. This vacation place where few call home is a little piece of paradise. I will recommend it to every seafood lover and any parents that wants to make their children happy. Its also a great place for teenagers to be wild and crazy but in a safety manner.
Oc city has great thing to offer everyone


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48 hrs to Explore miami florida.

Miami has the nightlife, day activities to really enjoy yourself. This itinerary was put together ad a guide form and instrument for exploring

We love to travel, but most times we don’t have the schedule in our hand to travel often. We planned and decide flight out to and have an itinerary of 48 hrs to explorer miami florida

We hope this itinerary serve you a guide and inspiration to a least travel and experience the nature, culture and people of this planet call earth.

The guide we provide is a living example of the activities we did while doing our short vacation.

We covered the following: First day (24hrs)

1. Tip and tricks for flying out of newark airport

2. Getting a rental car by accumulating reward points

3. Our first stop : the venetian pool

4. Hotel checking and early snack at aventura mall

5. Drive to lincoln road mall and shopping

6. The spaniola way and wine stating

7. Walking on ocean drive, bar hopping

Second Day: 14hrs

1. Early walk and enjoyment of the hotel grounds and pools

2. Drive to Hollywood beach .

3. Drive to downtown miami

4. Stay at an airport hotel to depart early


The Newark airport:

This international airport is one that offers most fight options for Pennsylvania and jersey residents depending your destination it may be cheaper. I find that there are less cancellations out of this airport compare to the JFK and PHL airports.Parking options requires either a shuttle or airtran to the terminals. I f you arrive early enough, the lines to security are much more manageable. Once you pass security the restaurants and lounges give you plenty of options to relax and stick around.


The Fort Lauradel Airport:

This airport is smaller compare to the miami airport. If you are carrying lots of luggages if could be tough the checkin and checkout process. One advantage this airport has similar to the orlando airport is that car rentals pick up and drop off are right at the gate. Easy to pick up easy to drop off.

Rental car:

We got virtually a car rental from accumulating and rewarding credit card points. You can learn how to do it free follow my link to tutorial

Accumulating travel points

We choose Avis as our rental company because of their reputation and past experience, like any other company there are up-sells and extras that can add up, but we went with a basic rental and the service went smooth. We were out with keys in about 30mins.


The drive from FLL to coral bagels is pretty straight forward you drive straight south via interstate I95. The once on coral gables you hit couple of turns and then you find the uncrowded parking spot of the venetian pool 2701 De Soto Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134

This modern oasis was constructed around 1920 by george derrick. This originally built on top of a quarry with natural water flowing from underneath and palms trees and waterfall, makes you transport to a mystical place in greece. Definitively once of the rarest municipal pools in the united states. There is free parking and the is a fee to enter the pool. I can say that the overall experience is a very clean atmosphere , I didn’t see any food So I am assuming no food is allowed. The highlight of the place is the big waterfall. A very beautiful every traveler should experience.

After spending few hours, we then headed to check in to our hotel in aventura.

The Hotel:

Turnberry Isle Resort by Marriott

The checking was a breeze. This is a beautiful hotel with amenities like onsite restaurant, valed parking, shuttle to the beach and is right across from the aventura mall. The grounds, pool and the golf zone are beautiful.

We got a deal to this hotel thru the ios app call hopper. We book the hotel and could not be happier you can see how clean this hotel was

The hotel is undergoing some renovations and it should be more exciting new things to come like a new waterpark onsite

we actually spent our anniversary and the rooms facing the golf course made it so romantic watching the sunrise in the morning. We have a full video where you can check our laughs and joys around this hotel.

Sightseeing : Aventura Mall

after checking in to the hotel, we make our first to to the aventura Mall in aventura.

This mall is very convenient if you are staying at the turnberry isle resort. Its right across the street. So if you are traveling and forgot your beach accessories or need extra set of clothes for that nice dinner, you can bet this mall will have it. Its also a very high end mall with lots of fashion name stores and nice restaurants on the first floor. The main entrance has a cool slide and water jets for kids to enjoy.